A Second Chance in Life


I was a HARD time

On On Sept. of last year, My life so sudden and unexpected changed! At first I was hopeful, but with in a month I was devastated and I was ready to die. It would take me hours to write everything that I’ve gone through ever since Sept. of 09! I was diagnose with a Brain Tumor usually would kill people with in 5 months, I was in jail 3 times in that same month for charges that weren’t mine, My Grandpa passed after being diagnose with cancer 4 days before he died, I lost my job do to having to go to jail so many times and not showing up, I lost my house since i had no job, Bail Bonds took my car and my moms car. My mom and brothers couldn’t believe all the things that were happening to me as they struggled with the death of my grandpa, no car and needed to find another place to move to since I had left them down and couldn’t struggled with the law! there is so much more but n e ways! lol. by the end of Oct. I was pretty much lost, leaving with my best friend, depress, dealing with bail bonds taking everything I had and trying to prove that the charges weren’t mine. I had not pay attention to my health since i got diagnose, I told no one about because I was in shock and more than anything, I didn’t want my family to suffer any more!!! My MOM!!!! she had just lost her father and I could not give her a news like that. the next few months, I just set at my friends house i guess just waiting to see what would happen with me, I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t go out, I ignored my family, I ignored everyone! I wasn’t looking for a job, I was GONE. little by little things just started to come back to normal I guess you can say lol. All my Charges were dropped since the police couldn’t probe that those warrants were mine. I lost everything I had and owned along with my mother’s car and 5000 dollars she paid for bonds. WOW! there’s so much more…. and so many details that I’m remember as I write lol. As of Now, I am happy to say that Finally a Lawyer heard my screams for help lol, The Bail bonds Company is getting their license revoked and must reimburse me all they took from us! I started to look into my health more than anything, because my mom has been through so much in her life! I could not put her through more, not me! not my mom! I had a very risky and long surgery but the result would be know in the weeks to come. Now, I’m happy to have a job! I gain my house back! My mom bought another car 🙂 and littler by little My depression and me going around and around on why all of things happen to me are starting too come a part of the pass. A few weeks ago I went to London more than anything to find out if surgery had been success and to find out what else is next to come. I am so, but so HAPPY that my cancer is gone! but I do feel like I died and now I’m given a second chance. I was partying, drinking, smoking, and really not caring about the important things in life! Now I’m starting to see that if I would’ve continue to do that, I really was die lol. Now I can’t wait for all the good things their is to come!



~ by @prepkidlv™ on June 3, 2010.

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